The Boy with the smile

By Ron Mueller







Angela comes awake, lying in a stream of water. She cannot remember who she is. Her only memory is the boy with a devastating smile.

She was Angela but she still did not know who she was. She knew by the preparation and the things in her back pack, Angela was an outdoors girl. When she went through the notebook it became clear she had some talent in drawing and in writing. There was a very good pencil sketch of a chipmunk and a little story about it. The only other consistent thing that she could remember was the boy with the radiant smile. Who was he and what was he to her? Why was he the only thing coming back to her?
Angela knew exactly how to set up her single person tent and sleeping bag. She had no recollection how she knew this but she could tell she had done this many times before. Even on her hands and knees she got the job done quickly.
The sunset burned an orange strip along the distant mountains and highlighted the grey clouds still in the sky. Angela sat with her feet in the water, eating her second sandwich. She was still confused but she was relaxed. She was coming to the realization she was capable and in her element. She might not remember her name but she was confident in herself.