By Ron Mueller







Awaken your Imagination. The Future, other worlds, friends, foes, aliens and a magic pen provide an invigorating mix to let your imagination soar.


Writing is a fun experience. The authors for Imagination were doing just that; having fun letting their imagination wander. From ancient thieves and sorcerers to modern spaceships and aliens; young adults’ values were being tested. These values show up as choices to be made in how to act.
In hold, Chloe Parker explores the post cataclysmic world where the ghosts of those who have died are needed to survive. She also presses home the need for family.
In Drawn Out, Courtney Huynh uses her magic pen to expose everyone’s need to belong and the desire for some magic in their lives.
In Rain and Shadows, Courtney takes the reader on a transition quest. She explores the sides of good and evil. In this case good wins out.
Book of Time and Space explores the realm of two worlds in competition for the same time and space. A little bit of magic and mystery spices up the events.
Not Normal is a look into the stress of the high school social scene. What if there was a shot you could take to be popular? Would you take it with your yearly flu shot?
Call me Some Time When aliens come calling and take his two buddies Jasper proves that a determined teenager is more than a match for advanced technology.
The Boy with the Radiant Smile Is just a fun story about an independent teenager and the realization she is self reliant and capable.
This is fun reading. I hope you enjoy the reading the stories as much as the writers had fun writing them.