Journey of Discovery:  A Taelo Series Novel

By Ron Mueller






The story of Taelo (Tā lo), talon of the eagle.  The eagle, Taelo’s totem always makes its appearance at the critical and important moments.  Golden Hawk, Taelo’s cousin is his best friend and partner in their many adventures.

All know when an eagle screams from the sky, something eventful was about to happen.

Now in The Journey of Discovery Taelo and Golden Hawk travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and see the wonders of nature.

The discover may new animals.  The most important is he Mount.  An animal they can ride.  This makes their journey of discovery feasible.

Taelo faces a giant brown bear and almost loses his life.  During his recovery, he visits the land of the ancestors.  When he finally recovers he is looking into the eyes of his mate, Quiet Rabbit.

The team proceeds on toward the east, they face the great shark, walk the singing sands, fight off a pack of wolves, overcome the attack of a giant crocodile and meet the giant armadillo before returning to the Elk clan gathering.

Their return with their newly found animal and the wealth of hides and other goods produced during their journey.  Their gifts of mounts to the leaders of the clan.  Affirms the Elk clans beliefs that Taelo has special powers.

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