Current Past and Future

By Ron Mueller




“Well, I hope our idea of improving the early intelligence by the injection of modern DNA pans out. It would indeed be a break through,” the Emma volunteered.

“Wow, I am a guinea pig for a mad scientist,” flashed through Adam’s mind.

Emma had been working all her career to make these extractions possible and the re-introduction into the past a success.

“Re-insert,” Dr. Percy said pointing at the technician at the control panel.

Immediately everything went black and Adam felt like he was falling down what seemed to be a black tunnel. He couldn’t see a thing.

“Are you hungry,” he asked handing her the bowl with the stew.

“Not bad. What is it and where am I,” Hanna asked next after sipping on the stew.

“And where are my clothes, dammit,” she exclaimed when she realized she was totally nude.

Just then blond, blue eyes and the most endowed stirred awake. Adam refilled the bowl and carried it to her. “You’re the guy from the plane. Where are we? Why are you almost naked?” she asked as she took the cup of soup.

“Let’s begin with introductions:

My name is Adam

My name is Eva

His groan stopped her.

“What’s wrong with my name?” she asked looking at him curiously.

“Never mind, later you will understand,” he replied with a fatalistic smile.

The arrival of Marshal Samuels was unexpected.  He had been accidently pulled into the future and had arrived fully awake.  Emma’s extraction team reacted with surprise.  The next two upcoming extractions had the same last name.

The Caligrians had developed a way to fold space and send objects across the fold.  They entered Earth’s solar system as Eva was extracting the remaining Samuels into her time.

The Samuels knowledge of strategy and warfare become critical in dealing with the Caligrians.