Event Survivors

By Ron Mueller







Available in:E book Version or Paperback


This year was especially important since the Aztec calendar predicted some major, potentially catastrophic event. The Zapotec prophecy found in the Eagle bowl stated: “After thirteen heavens of decreasing choice, and nine hells of increasing doom, the tree of life shall blossom with a fruit never before known in creation, and that fruit shall be a new spirit of mankind.”

Experts predicted a variety of events ranging from a great cataclysmic event to a spiritual alignment of the human consciousness.  The astrologers all pointed to the alignment of the planets, the moon and the sun.  Some scientists pointed out the abnormal swing of the poles.  None of the experts seemed to be able to be certain about anything.

Waking up in the cave didn’t surprise Lucus.  How bad he felt did.  The hangover was intense.  The cave had always been his retreat.  When he was younger it was always a place to get solitude and when in High School it was a place to come to sober up if he had been drinking.  He touched his face and realized he was bleeding. Lucus sat on the ground wondering what had happened.  His head pounded, he ached all over and it was pouring rain.  He noticed the cave seemed a mess.

“Well let’s get to the house and get cleaned up,” he thought as he stood and slowly walked out to the front of the cave.  The pain in his ribs was intense.  Whatever fight he had been in, he must have received the worst of it.

He stopped short.  He had never seen rain like this.  It was pouring. It was not just raining but solid things were falling from the sky.  All he could see was a solid sheet of water beyond the cave entrance.  He found an old towel and held it out in the rain to wet it.  He began to clean himself up.  The rain water seemed brackish, more like saltwater then rain.  Big things kept falling from the sky.

“What in the world,” flashed through his mind?  Then it hit him.

“The Event everyone was talking must really have happened.”

The words, “The house is gone.” was frozen in his mind.  The event was in full progress.  It had somehow taken the house.

For a moment he wanted to call out to his mother.  He let out at little hysterical chuckle.  It was true, you always cried out for your mother at the moment of need.