Savitar:A Savitar Series Novel

By Ron Mueller





Savitar the Vedic sun god who urges man and beast to act.

She went on the internet and Googled “Zack Milton” and was surprised to find he was in the field of astronomy and had written several articles about Earth’s astronomical history.  And Dr. Craig Garrity had tons of published material in the field of physics and astronomy.  He was a globally know leader in his field.  Janet wondered why these two men required twenty four hour protection.

She went to bed to do some reading but fell asleep with the unread book in her lap.  In her dreams, she kept losing the person she was supposed guard.  She awoke in a cold sweat when in her dream she found her client with a bullet hole in the forehead.

Janet straddled Zack pinning him to the ground.  She was immediately hit three times in the chest and once in the arm.  She was determined to get in her dying shot.

Andrew’s last thought was, “She out did me again.”  And then his world went black.

Zack is the brilliant scientist with the potential to save Earth and Janet is his body guard and protector.

Together they overcome the politics and the subterfuge of those opposed to their actions.  They work together with a dedicated team to save Earth from its greatest threat.