Journeys End:  A Savitar Series Novel

By Ron Mueller






The crawl from the sea, the lunge forward with the first breath of air, the burning rays of day, the healing power of the night, and the life giving cover of the caves all floated out on a haunting soprano melody. It cascaded across an audience half out of their seats and swaying with every word. The words carried everyone through the path, the maze and the pain of their history. The giant meteor’s impact was echoed by the drums and the deep bassoon. The cracking of the planet’s mantle and dramatic altering of the magnetic field followed rapidly in piercing howls of pain. A thunderous voice rose and went on to tell how nature ignored the formidable damage and miraculously created and expanded life in the incredibly deep water filled canyons. These deep canyons were made by the impact of the asteroid and the splitting of the planets mantle. Most of the planets water flowed into these canyons but much of the water was lost to space. From the beginning the night and shadow became the nurturer and the Sun the extinguisher of life. The ravaged atmosphere was too shallow and the distorted magnetic field too weak to shield the planet from the stream of sterilizing radiation flowing out from the Sun. Life evolved by embracing the night and by keeping to the depths of the radiation shielding canyons. Life slowly achieved sentience and intelligence.

Nadia the youngest to have ever achieve the position of Second Chairman of Astronomy at Ulm University made the discovery that would forever change the life her planet knew. The past history was paled by the threat she had discovered.

It mattered not what the leaders tried, the black void overwhelmed the planet.

Nadia and her mate Lamins lead the remnants of her planet in a quest for a new home.  She leads them to new discoveries and in the end she retrieves the remnants of her race and begin a journey into the vast unknown.

“We four thousand are the hope of our doomed civilization, we are running for our future but we will not forget out past,” Nadia sent down her message and then she commanded her captains to fire their engines.

The meeting of the void and Home Orb was cataclysmal. As the Orb approached the void, the atmosphere was pulled away from the planet like the skin being peeled from a fish. It was actually visible as a thin layer of twisting and wavering white mist made the transit across the black of space.

Savitar is the next book in this series and it is Earth’s turn.