The Golden Feather: A Taelo Series Novel

By Ron Mueller






Available in E book Version or Paperback


The story of Taelo (Tā lo), talon of the eagle.  The eagle, Taelo’s totem always makes its appearance at the critical and important moments.  Golden Hawk, Taelo’s cousin is his best friend and partner in their many adventures.

All know when an eagle screams from the sky, something eventful was about to happen.

In The Golden Feather, Taelo and Golden Hawk take the next step in their development.  They travel South into the Andes of South America.  They meet the peoples living in those areas.  Taelo’s team encounters and overcomes the perils, the politics and the aggression of their enemies. They return with a new member, Feather in the Wind, the princess from the Andes.

On their return they go to the original Elk clan homeland in the North Coastal area.  There the team builds a new well fortified compound.  They a dire wolf attack, Taelo rescues migrants held captive by cannibals, the team rescues migrants stranded in the deep winter snow.

The migrants dramatically increase the size of what Taelo now labels “The Northern Elk Clan”

Taelo and his team once again change the culture of the Elk Clan.  He brings the Northern Elk Clan to the annual clan meeting in a display of affluence and unity.  Instead of claiming the leadership of the Northern Elk clan, he influences the selection to be, White Swan, the first woman leader.

Taelo and Golden Hawk receive the highest Elk Clan honor; the Golden Feather.  This makes them a member of every sub clan and members in the Elk clan leadership council.

He and Golden Hawk immediately discuss their next journey, the Journey of Discovery.

Read Taelo: The Early Years first, then The Golden Feather.

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