cvTaelo1The Early Years: A Taelo Series Novel
By Ron Mueller






This is the time of the last great ice age when man is becoming the dominant species.  This chronological anthology of growing up provides a series of experiences and adventures to entertain but also to reinforce the fundamental values of life.

Taelo and his cousin Golden Hawk have experiences, just a smidgen beyond what is possible but clearly feasible with a little imagination.  They are smarter, faster, better than anyone can hope to be, but how all of us wish to be.

The two learn how to capture crayfish from their fathers.   Taelo talks his way out of a confrontation with a mother cave bear.  Together he and Golden Hawk invent a means to gather fish more efficiently from the river.  Taelo kills a large saber tooth and survives a fall down the cliff.  He and Golden Hawk help their fathers in reviving an ailing part of the clan.  The two are victorious over attacking Dire wolves.

Their actions are an ongoing concern for their mothers.   Their fathers are models they emulate.  A clan of Others, Neanderthal man, pose a threat.  Taelo’s mother chooses a peaceful means of engagement.  Taelo befriends and finds a new home and provides guidance for the Others.  He, Golden Hawk and Burley Bear, a young warrior of the Others become close friends.  Together, in the middle of winter they set out on their transition journey into adulthood.  They return with the food the clan needs to survive the remainder of the winter.  They design a fish trap for the harbor and capture a giant shark.

Burley Bear, Taelo and Golden Hawk are inducted into the clan of Others as full adult members.     Taelo’s clan reciprocates and the two clans become partners.  The next meeting of all of the Elk Clan is historic for the inclusion of a clan of Others.  At the meeting the three, now young warriors, present a totem pole to the total Elk Clan leadership.

Gender equality and the hint of romance come out in the final chapters.


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